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Blog Post Template

A Guide for Authors


This is a template blog post to provide an example of how submissions to The Bricoleur will be formatted for various types of submissions.

Text-Based Submissions

Formatting options available for primarily text-based submissions provide the following options:

  • Multiple headings.
  • Bold, italicized, and underlined font.
  • Hyperlinks (to email, documents, or other sites).
  • Lists, bulleted and numbered.
Does your article or essay include supplementary figures, tables, charts, etc.? We can accommodate most common file types such as, gif, jpeg, png, bmp, and ico, with sizes up to 10MB.


If your submission is primarily photo-based, our blog can support as many photos as you'd like, following the guidelines listed above.


Video formatted submissions will be hosted on our Youtube Channel or Vimeo Channel. These will then be embedded into blog posts here, on our primary website.

And more!

Our platform is compatible with apps that can make your submission interactive and dynamic.

  • Is your submission location specific? We can use Google Maps to include a map of a location of your choice.
  • Conducting a poll? Google Forms provides the opportunity to poll readers.
  • Want to include an audio component? Host your audio on our Soundcloud account and it will be embedded directly in the blog post.
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